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Web Sudoku was launched in June 2005 by Gideon Greenspan and Rachel Lee and grew rapidly to become the most popular Sudoku site on the Internet, visited by 100,000s of people every day.

Other sites by this team: Family Echo, Magic Baby Names and TrainMyAI.

Products and Services

Web Sudoku's free online Sudoku puzzle is played by millions of visitors monthly. Other popular features include the Daily Sudoku Variation.

The puzzle can be played offline with Web Sudoku Deluxe, the premium version for Windows or Mac. Web Sudoku Ebooks offer a unique ability to create and print personalized books of puzzles.

Web Sudoku also provides Sudoku syndication services for newspapers, magazines, websites and more.

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For syndication inquiries, please complete this form. For user feedback, business development and other inquiries, please use the feedback page. More information is available in the FAQs.


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