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Web Sudoku on iPad with iOS 13

In the initial release of iOS 13, Safari no longer informs websites that it's running on an iPad. This prevents Web Sudoku automatically showing the the iPad version. There's discussion and a fix in this forum, and we hope Apple will fix the issue soon. In the meantime, iPad users can use this URL: http://www.websudoku.com/?ipad=1

Web Sudoku apps for iPad and Android

Web Sudoku is now available for iPad on the App Store and for Android on the Play Store and can be played offline.

Web Sudoku online – iPad and Android keypad

If you prefer to play on websudoku.com, an on-screen keypad is available for the Apple iPad and Android tablets.

To use the keypad, open websudoku.com in Safari or Chrome. Tap a box in the sudoku puzzle to bring up the side keypad. Tap a number in the keypad to enter it into the highlighted box. Use the blank in the keypad to empty a highlighted box.

Multiple numbers (pencil marking) with the keypad

Click 'Options...' under the puzzle and switch on pencil marking. This allows multiple numbers to be entered into a box, to indicate possible values. To remove a number from a highlighted box, tap it again on the keypad. You can also use the question mark to indicate that you are not certain about a number entered.

Using the standard iPad or Android keyboard

If you prefer to use the standard keyboard, click 'Options...' under the puzzle and disable the side keypad.

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