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Web Sudoku: Classic Sudoku

Featuring 200 amazing puzzles in Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil levels:

  • 152 Classic 9x9 Sudoku
  • 20 Sudoku 9x9 Letter Puzzles
  • 16 Sudoku 12x12 Letter Puzzles
  • 12 Sudoku 16x16 Letter Puzzles

Exclusive to Web Sudoku books: Improve your Sudoku skills! Use the online step-by-step solving guides to work out the next move - see sample.

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Web Sudoku: Squiggly Sudoku

Squiggly Sudoku is a fun twist on the standard puzzle. Instead of 3x3 boxes, these puzzles have crazy shapes of 9 cells which must contain 1 to 9 - see sample.

  • 40 Classic Sudoku puzzles
  • 144 Squiggly Sudoku puzzles
  • 16 Samurai Sudoku puzzles

Puzzles for everyone in all 4 Web Sudoku levels - Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil.
So, if you're ready for a new Sudoku challenge, try this handy sized paperback book!

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